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VITspot - #1 Digital Media in VIT

Founded in 2017, we are the first and best digital media platform in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. An initiative taken by some students to bring ease into the lives of all students of VIT, led to the creation of a website, web application, and mobile application known as VITspot.

VITspot offers all VITians a chance to come closer as a community by sharing question papers on the app. So when exams are around the corner, one can easily obtain previous year question papers digitally on VITspot, without any hassle. VITspot cab share is the second service that we provide. It helps students find other students to share a cab with, so that the cost is divided and the motive of carpooling is also fulfilled.

We also have a roommate finding feature, using which people can filter certain criterea and find themselves suitable roommates. Apart from the features and services that VITspot provides, it has also established significant social media presence in VIT. We keep everyone up to date about all the happenings and news in VIT through instagram, facebook and our app notifications. We also collaborate with clubs in VIT and help market their events.

VITspot is the perfect companion every VITian deserves.


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