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Best Laptops for VIT Students

Here we give you a list of best laptops that you will need in VIT. The laptops range from 35k – 150k, giving you all kind of options. We have picked up in different brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Microsoft Surface and Apple Macbook. We have done research so that you can get the […]


VIT Mess Menu

VIT has different type of messes for freshers. In the first year the caterers for all the 5 types of messes are Darling Vellore and PR Vellore. There are Five Types of Messes in VIT for Freshers namely South Indian Veg, South Indian Non Veg, North Indian Veg and North Indian Non Veg and Special Mess. Here […]


Safety measures in Entrepreneurship

How ever a brand need to be build for your Startup company and for that you need to promote your logo and your company name, for that you need to think yourself in a creative and innovative way . Trying to know the needs of the people , and seeing the demand in the market […]


Cheapest: Top Hotels near VIT Vellore

If you’re looking for the best places for your stay in Vellore, then you are at the right place. Here is a list of the top best hotels around VIT that’ll help make your stay at Vellore a comfortable one. It contains budget hotels near vit vellore.   Hotel Benzz Park Benzz Park Vellore is a […]


First step of Entrepreneurship

After the strong idea and decision, that means if we are strong enough to prove that our idea is always correct and we are going in a right track, they get clarity regarding us then they start supporting us , but for that you need to be very brave and confident, but if someone finds […]


The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, planning, launching and running a new business with a different idea. The creators of these businesses are called Entrepreneurs. You do not require any invitation to make profits, our dreams have to be bigger, ambition higher, commitment deeper and our efforts greater. In your new way, you will not […]


How To Enable Copy Paste in Skillrack

You always love to code in your own compiler to solver Skillrack coding problems and other problems. But you always worried about Skillrack website as it doesn’t allow to copy paste code in Skillrack. We have all tried to enable this through various methods like adding additional extensions (Skillrack copy extensions like Skillcopy extension), but […]