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The Riviera Hype: Justified or Overrated?

February, a month of the year 2018 when the VITians are not concerned about their CATs, a month of the year when the Riviera 2018 hype is about their favourite stars coming to the VIT Riviera 2018 and rocking the night for them, where they get to see them from like 20 yards away. However, […]


Final Assessment Test (FAT) Schedule for Winter 2017-18 Semester

FAT! The time of the semester when you just lock yourself up and study for days and days altogether. But don’t worry! We are here to make your lives easier by doing something which will make it efficient for you to download your schedule and be prepared beforehand(by pre registering the tickets to your home […]


Is your CAT1 in Digital Pad or not?

Hey guys! Are you tired of asking others if you have a Digipad examination? We all know about the paucity of digital pads due to the change in the policy. Don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem! Check this PDF out and get to know the details if you have an online or […]


How to open Z Drive in VIT Hostel

Have you ever been in a pinch, when you wanted your important files saved on your Z Drive to open in VIT Hostel? So, here in this post, I’m going to tell how to open Z Drive in VIT hostel when your Laptop connected to VIT WiFi [ VIT 2.4F, VIT 5G or VOLSBB]. First, […]