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Hey VITians, I think most of your VIT life is well going, by now you might have got some good friends and explored VIT as well. As your VIT life goes on, you might be feeling some enjoyment missing. So here is the list of clubs and chapters in VIT. To get into these clubs, there will be different requirements to match the qualifications of the clubs. There will be a lot of positions in these clubs to get into such as:

  • Technical
  • Design
  • Management
  • Editorial

How to join clubs in VIT?

In order to get a position in your favorite clubs, there is a recruitment process for each club that you have to go through. The first step of which is an MCQ test related to the domain you are applying for. Most of the clubs start with the MCQ test but in some cases, it can be an interview round. This is followed by a group discussion round, or some other task related to the domain will be given which has to be done.

The recruitment process for any club is completed in 2-5 rounds which can be MCQ test, group discussions, task-specific, and personal interview depending upon the position and the nature of the club. In order to participate in the recruitment process of any club all you have to do is fill up the recruitment form provided on the Instagram handle of the club and further instructions related to the process will be communicated to you by the club through WhatsApp or mail.

But how would you come to know that which clubs and chapters match your interests?

VITspot is here to help you through this. Here is the list of all the clubs and chapters along with their Instagram handles, organized into categories just to make things easier for you. So brush up your skills and be ready to show everyone what you've got!


Club/Chapter (Ordered A-Z)AboutJoin
Editor's Choice - Discover the best highly unopinionated clubs in VIT handpicked by VITspot
Fast Growing - Fast Growing from small to big
New - New budding club
Popular - Well established and renowned club
Exclusive - Only one of its kind club
Social+ - Clubs with good social media presence

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