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Hey VITians, I think most go your VIT life is well going, by now you might have got some good friends and might have explored few places around VIT. As your VIT life goes on, you might be feeling some enjoyment missing. So here is the list of few clubs and chapters in VIT. To get into these clubs, there will be different requirements to match the qualifications of the clubs. There will be a lot of positions in these clubs to get into such as:

  • Technical
  • Design
  • Management
  • Editorial

how to join clubs in VIT?

There will be different steps and process to get into a particular club and the steps might include MCQ tests, Coding exams, Group Discussion and a personal interview.

Club/Chapter Name Recruitment Details Social Handles Contact
5th Pillar VIT Student Chapter Coming Soon.
Association for Computing Machinery Coming Soon.
AIChE VIT Student Chapter Coming Soon. 094150 32807
AIESEC VIT Coming Soon 099441 06067
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Coming Soon. 080060 00127
Anokha Coming Soon 9944707688
Apple Developers Group Coming Soon.
ADI VIT (Association of Designers of India) Coming Soon. 9665894151
Association of Energy Engineers Coming Soon.
Ayuda NGO Coming Soon. 099424 10330
Board Gamers Club Coming Soon. [email protected]
Becoming I Foundation (BIF) Coming Soon
Bulls and Bears - the finance club Coming Soon. 9787108507
CSED Coming Soon. +91 8524-011228
Computer Society of India VIT Coming Soon. +91 8949545640
Comedy Club VIT Coming Soon.
CodeChef-VIT Coming Soon. 9023300022
Creativity Club Coming Soon. 090039 18669
Culinary CLUB VIT Coming Soon.
Cycling Club VIT Coming Soon. +91 97117 62339
Debate Society VIT Coming Soon.
Entrepreneurship Cell - VIT Coming Soon. 087693 67369
FEPSI Coming Soon. 074155 57107
Developer Student Club (GDG) Coming Soon. +91 99716 73330
Helphen India Coming Soon. +91 83087 84313
Health Club (VIT) Coming Soon.
Hindi Literary Association Coming Soon. 7530007955
International Design Society of America Coming Soon.
IEEE-PES Coming Soon.
IEEE-Professional Communication Society Coming Soon. +91 8696050506
IEEE-IAS Coming Soon. +91 99113 96674
IEEE Computer Society-VIT Coming Soon. 9677242899
IEEE VIT Chapter Coming Soon. 098740 85445
IET On Campus, VIT Coming Soon. 9786111331
IEEE-Women In Engineering Coming Soon.
IETE-ISF Coming Soon. 7010475723
Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE VIT) Coming Soon. 9176457748 9167051946
Innovatorsquest Coming Soon. 097900 31431
International Society of Automation Coming Soon. +91 9785891201
ISOI VIT Coming Soon.
Juvenile Care Coming Soon.
Kannada Literary Association KLA Coming Soon.
Make a Difference (MAD) Coming Soon. +91 98260 66996
KI Racing Coming Soon. 088230 58867
VIT LEO CLUB Coming Soon. - -
Microsoft Student Technical Community Coming Soon. 9910887062
Mozilla Student developers club Coming Soon.
Model United Nations Society Coming Soon.
MUSIC CLUB -VIT Coming Soon.
Team Ojas Coming Soon. 9999646233
Rev Mechanics Coming Soon. 9705326999 9740697771
Pravega Racing Coming Soon.
roboVITics Coming Soon. +91 91670 86310
Rotaract Club VIT Coming Soon. 099853 35555
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM VIT) Coming Soon. +91 98438 96109
Society of manufacturing engineers (sme-vit) Coming Soon.
Sahiti Telugu Literary Association Coming Soon. 080742 71436
Tamil Literary Association Coming Soon. 96297 69334
TAG Club Coming Soon. 097905 38548
Team Albatross Coming Soon. 7530003551
Team Kshatriya Coming Soon.
Team Celerity Coming Soon. 8275471470
Team Eklavya Coming Soon. 094262 55832
Team Rotor FPV Coming Soon.
Team RoverX Coming Soon. Tushar Pandit 96736 82797
Team UAV Creation Labs Coming Soon. 9818234337
Team Uttejit Coming Soon. Formula student Team Uttejit 7697033033
Team Jaabaz Coming Soon.
TEDxVITVellore Coming Soon. 077081 56694
The Electronics Club of VIT Coming Soon. Aman 9097513482 Bhavana 7019123945
The Fine Arts Club Coming Soon. 8017753914 / 9003744179
The Hindu Education Plus Club-VIT Coming Soon
The Photography Club Coming Soon 090037 25285
Toastmasters International Coming Soon
Uddeshya VIT Vellore Coming Soon
Venturesity VIT Coming Soon
VIT Community Radio 90.8 fm Coming Soon. 0416-2202882 0416-2202882
VinnovateIT Coming Soon 088708 55940
Visual Bloggers Club Coming Soon
Animation Club VIT Coming Soon.
Dance Club VIT Coming Soon 099445 96961
Dramatics Club VIT Coming Soon
English Literary Association VIT Coming Soon
VIT Linux User's Group Coming Soon. 7010213380
VIT FILM Society Coming Soon
Spartans VIT Coming Soon.
Trekking Club VIT Coming Soon
Youth Red Cross VIT Coming Soon. +91 7530005800

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