Count Words in Tweets (Id-1531)

Bonus Practice Sheet Winter 2018 [17-Mar-2018 to 7-Apr-2018]

Program ID-1531

Given a word ‘w’and a set of tweets in a file named as tweets.txt, write a C++ program to count the number of words in the file. Assume that the program need not bother about case of the words as the input takes care of the same.

Input Format
Word to be searched
Tweets in file

Output Format
Count of the words


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C++ Code 

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Kushagra - March 29, 2018

Can u please upload the following codes
1. Check if a matrix is sparse or not( Id-1490)
2. Vector Operations(Id-1327)
3. Vector Operation(Id-2650)

and the code for Generic Double Ended Queue has some error. Please update these problems ASAP




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