List of even Points (Id-2742)

Bonus Practice Sheet Winter 2018 [17-Mar-2018 to 7-Apr-2018]

Program ID- 2742

Design a class point with datamembers: name of the point(string), value of the x-coordinate and the value of  y-coordinate. Here, value of the x-coordinate and the value of the y-coordinate should be an even integer. Provide functions to get the details of a point, print the details of a point and a function to compute the  squared distance between the point and a given point(passed to the function as an argument). Design a class mobileSpace, with a list of points(both the coordinates must be even integers) that represent the position of the mobile towers and a point that  represents the  position of mobile phone. With the position of the mobile towers and mobile phone given as input,   provide member functions to get the details and determine the tower  with which the mobile phone can be connected based on the `longest squared distance between the phone and the tower’ Use STL for implementation.

Input Format

Number of towers, ‘n’

Name of tower1

X-coordinate  of tower1

Y-coordinate of tower1

Name of tower-n

X-coordinate of tower-n

Y-coordinate  of tower-n

Name of mobile

X-coordinate  of mobile phone

Y-coordinate  of mobile phone

Output Format

Name of the tower to which the phone has to be connected


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soumya - March 27, 2018

It shows private test cases failed. the code doesn’t work



sushant - April 4, 2019

code doesn’t work it shows private test case failed.



hemchandran - April 5, 2019

this code isn’t working.




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