Names that Do Begin with Vowel – Descending Order (Id-2781)

Bonus Practice Sheet Winter 2018 [17-Mar-2018 to 7-Apr-2018]

Program ID- 2781

Given a set of names, design an algorithm and write a C++ code to form a sorted list, in the descending order of names that do begin with a vowel.


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C++ Code 

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sanchit grover - March 28, 2018

there is an error in this code
‘::main’ must return ‘int’ void main(){


    Jay - March 31, 2018

    Just delete ‘void’ from the topmost line of your code. Keep it simply ‘main()’.

    The code will pass then.

XXXX` - March 28, 2018

This code aint working, please look through. Thank you.

Anna - May 31, 2018



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