VIT F Block: Ramanujan Block VIT Men’s Hostel

The VIT F Block (VIT Ramanujan Block) block is the least preferred block in VIT. It is usually the locals who take choose this block. F Block VIT has been known for lots of notorious activities and smoking is a common sight in this block, however if your rank is low then you have no choice but to make do with this block. The VIT F Block mostly comprises 6 bedded AC and non-AC rooms.

VIT F Block VIT Mens Hostel

  • It has a badminton court.
  • It is close to all the different types of messes.
  • Due to the large number of smokers, you’ll find it depressing and tough living here.
  • There are only 2 lifts of which 1 is always out of order.
  • Rooms are cramped, you’ll feel like your living in a 2-bedded room when you’re in a 6 bedded.
  • The AC’s are old and need to be serviced ASAP.
  • The space available for drying wet clothes is insufficient.
VIT F Block - VIT Men's Hostel Rating
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VIT F Block - Ramanujan Block
VIT F Block - Ramanujan Block Rating


1 Bedded Room – VIT F Block
2 Bedded Room – VIT F Block
3 Bedded Room – VIT F Block
4 Bedded Room – VIT F Block
6 Bedded Room – VIT F Block
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Satyam Srivastava - July 5, 2018

Nice work here VITSpot. Its extremely helpful and well organised. I also had a question, I am taking admission in M.tech CSE and opted & paid for 1 seater, but have been alotted 2 seater NAC in F Block for now. Will this status change when I reach VIT or It is fixed? (PS My friend in B.tech 3rd year told me to absolutely stay away from F block)


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