VIT H Block: John F Kennedy Block VIT Men’s Hostel

The VIT H Block (John F Kennedy Block) features a small canteen downstairs where they accept payments made via Paytm. H Block VIT hostel is usually preferred by civil and mechanical students due to its proximity to MB, GDN, CDMM and even SMV. The block is located just besides the garden and is located just opposite to the basketball court. The number of student staying in this block isn’t very high, hence an ideal choice if you’re looking for a calmer block. The VIT H Block has one of the best messes in VIT- “The Ramchandra Special Mess”.

VIT H Block

  • The staff do a good job in keeping the hostel clean.
  • The block was renovated recently.
  • The block has washing machines, and even the laundryman comes twice a week-Mondays and Thursdays.
  • All the desks have the provisions of installing a table lamp.
  • The rooms near the dormitory aren’t good, the washrooms next to them tend to get very crowded in the morning.
  • The hostel doesn’t have its own basketball court.
VIT H Block - VIT Men's Hostel Rating
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VIT H Block - John F Kennedy Block
VIT H Block - John F Kennedy Block Rating


1 Bedded Room – VIT H Block
2 Bedded Room – VIT H Block
3 Bedded Room – VIT H Block
4 Bedded Room – VIT H Block
6 Bedded Room – VIT H Block
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