Just for Practice

You will be rewarded 1 Bronze Medal for completing each Challenge.

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Just for Practice (Expressions and Conditional Statements


Payment Calculation for Part Time Employees (Id-3453)

Bill amount Settlement in pharmaceutical company (Id-3452)

Discount for Railway Employees (Id-3454)

Validity of Identification Number (Id-3455)

Type of Character (Id-3456)

Just for Practice (Loops)


Pattern 1 (Id-3457)

Pattern 2 (Id-3458)

Pattern 3 (Id-3459)

Pattern 4 (Id-3460)

Pattern 5 (Id-3461)

Pattern 6 (Id-3462)

Just for Practice (Arrays and Strings)


Print Numbers with Mid Property (Id-3463)

Equality of Outer Elements of Matrix (Id-3464)

Print Leader Words (Id-3467)

Toggle Case of Diagonal Characters (Id-3466)

Number of words and longest word in a sentence (Id-3465)

Just for Practice (Structures and Functions)


Tube and age (Id-3468)

Best sales person (Id-3469)

Recursive Reverse string (Id-3470)

Function to convert to Qudadecimal (Id-3471)

Amount remaining after shopping (Id-3472)

Just for Practice (Exception Handling, Default Arguments and Classes in C++) 


Self Power or mth Power (Id-3809)

Raise Exceptions on Invalid Age (Id-3812)

Subject of First Hour (Id-3811)

Playing Cards (Id-3810)

Heronian triangle (Id-3813)

Just for Practice 1 Additional 


Second Smallest Number (Id-1242)

Cyclic Right Shift of Elements (Id-1243)

Leaders of Elements (Id-1244)

Recursive Fibonacci (Id-1249)

Recursive reverse (Id-1250)

Just for Practice 2 Additional 


Verification of circular prime number (Id-1051)

Row Maximum of a Matrix (Id-1246)

Salary of Employees (Id-1248)

Identify machines in same local network (Id-1053)

Just for Practice 3 Additional 


Automatic vending machine (Id-1143)

Just for Practice 4 Additional 


Boarding Pass Problem (Id-1323)

Computing Area of Different Shapes (Id-1326)

Just for Practice 6 


Grade of a Student (Id-1489)

Check if a Matrix is Sparse or Not (Id-1490)

Count the Number of Items (Id-1491)

Insert into a Generic Box (Id-1492)

Generic Right Shift (Id-1538)






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