4 Jan 2018: Daily MCQ

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The area of a square field is 24200 sq m. How long will a lady take to cross the field diagonally at the rate of 6.6 km/hr?

Correct Answer: 2 minutes 

Solution [By Achal Verma]

Let the length of the side of the square be x.
Its given that x^2 = 24200
Now let d be the diagonal of the square.
(x^2) + (x^2) = d^2
d^2 = 2*(x^2)= 2*24200 = 48400
So, d = 220m (meters)
The lady is walking at 6.6Km/h.
Converting to meters/minutes, 110 meters/minutes.
So time taken
 = distance/speed
 = (220 meters)/(110 meters/minutes)
 = 2 minutes.

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