AGNEE: Human Missile Formation

Agnee VIT: Limca Book of Records


We all know about Fepsi! Which is known for conducting awesome events in VIT, Vellore. This time, they are conducting an event named Agnee, which is going to be a tribute to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam by making a largest human missile formation. So what are you guys waiting for!? Register for the event now!!

To register in Agnee VIT Event fill in the registration form below.

Agnee VIT:

Agnee Event in VIT

Agnee VIT

How easy is it to achieve a World Record and have your name in it? How frequently in your lifetime will you be able to witness a World Record being achieved because of YOU?

Answering the above two questions:

It is not a picnic to achieve a World Record and it is as rare as a hen’s teeth to be a part of one. Having your name in the Limca Book of Records is just like finding gold dust at your doorstep. This is exactly what is being offered; gold dust at your doorstep by becoming a part of the world’s largest human missile formation in the honour of our former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Put on your shoes, open your door and walk towards finding, taking and owning your gold dust to be a part of something big!

This VIT Riviera 2018, witness the mammoth of Agnee VIT – Largest Human Missile formation.

Registrations open.

Agnee Event in VIT Vellore.

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