The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, planning, launching and running a new business with a different idea. The creators of these businesses are called Entrepreneurs.

You do not require any invitation to make profits, our dreams have to be bigger, ambition higher, commitment deeper and our efforts greater. In your new way, you will not know what obstructions you will really face in the journey, as far as you go you need to very care full in your steps, you don’t know who is going to attack you in the journey because the path you walk is disturbing others in various ways. Be positive and pursue your Goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities. The hurts you get in your way makes you more experienced in the same way, so after every hurt, you will be more careful regarding your next hurt, that makes you really strong and brave so increase your confidence and move up fast which an entrepreneur really needs.

We can not change our rulers but we can change the way they rule us, rulers are no one here but the society. But the society is dangerous than any other because when you will be in a great success in business, people say you have done a good thing and you are great but in the same way if you are drawn back in your business, they say that you have made a wrong decision in wrong time. You walked in a wrong path.
General Business people may give that chance to society but we being young entrepreneurs, we should not give that chance to the society.


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Author: Sree Harsha Vadlamudi

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