How To Enable Copy Paste in Skillrack

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VITspot Editorial - March 24, 2018

You always love to code in your own compiler to solver Skillrack coding problems and other problems. But you always worried about Skillrack website as it doesn't allow to copy paste code in Skillrack. We have all tried to enable this through various methods like adding additional extensions (Skillrack copy extensions like Skillcopy extension), but none of them seems to work every time. Well now there is for once and for all a foolproof solution to enable copy paste in Skillrack and make lives simpler and it really also and everything will get over in 5 minutes.

Enable Copy Paste in Skillrack

  • All you need is Mozilla Firefox and you are good to go. So here is the step by step procedure on how to do copy paste in skillrack.
  • Open Firefox and type “about:config” in the search bar and then click on “I accept the risk!”. After that you will get the screen below:
  • Type "clipboard" in the search bar.

Copy Paste Skillrack Firefox Config

  • Go to "dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled" and right click and click on “Toggle”.
  • You can then see its value changes from true to false.
  • Now, go to the website where you are gonna copy the code from and copy the entire code.
  • Go to the question in Skillrack and in the place of writing the code write a lot of random stuff. A LOT! The longer the code the more you need to write. This might seem weird but trust me it works.

Skillrack Code Copy Paste in Compiler

Now select whatever you have written and press "CTRL+V" to paste whatever you had copied from the other website or your own compiler.

VOILA! The code now appears on Skillrack. You have successfully copy paste Skillrack.

Click on run the program and you can see the green bar of happiness telling your code has passed when the program runs.

Enjoy! Time to now rack up those.

VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial

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