Final Assessment Test (FAT) Schedule for Winter 2017-18 Semester

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VITspot Editorial - January 21, 2018

FAT Winter Semester 2017-2018

FAT! The time of the semester when you just lock yourself up and study for days and days altogether. But don't worry! We are here to make your lives easier by doing something which will make it efficient for you to download your schedule and be prepared beforehand(by pre registering the tickets to your home :P) for the toughest enemy you have to face in your college life.

The Final Assessment Test (FAT) Schedule for all the Courses offered during the Winter 2017-18 Semester is given below. FATs of Lab only and Embedded Lab courses will be conducted by the Schools concerned during their last lab class(es).

Final Assessment Test (FAT) Schedule for Winter 2017-18 Semester - VIT Vellore

Date of Exam Slots Timing: 09.30 AM to 12.30 PM (FN)
09-Apr-2018, Monday A1, A1+TA1, A1+TA1+TAA1, A1+TA1+TAA1+V1, A1+TA1+V1
10-Apr-2018, Tuesday A2, A2+TA2, A2+TA2+TAA2, A2+TA2+TAA2+V3, A2+TA2+V3
11-Apr-2018, Wednesday B1, B1+TB1
12-Apr-2018, Thursday B2, B2+TB2, B2+TB2+TBB2, B2+TB2+TBB2+V4, B2+TB2+V4
13-Apr-2017, Friday C1, C1+TC1, C1+TC1+TCC1, C1+TC1+TCC1+V2, C1+TC1+V2
14-Apr-2018, Saturday No FAT is Scheduled
15-Apr-2018, Sunday X11+X12+X21, X11+X12+X21+Z21, X11+X12+Y21, X11+X12
16-Apr-2018, Monday C2, C2+TC2, C2+TC2+TCC2+V5, C2+TC2+V5
17-Apr-2018, Tuesday D1, D1+TD1
18-Apr-2018, Wednesday D2, D2+TD2, D2+TD2+TDD2, D2+TD2+V6
19-Apr-2018, Thursday E1, E1+TE1
20-Apr--2018, Friday E2, E2+TE2
21-Apr-2018, Saturday TA1,TA2,TD1,TD2, W21+W22, W21+W22+Z21
22-Apr-2018, Sunday TG1, Y11+Y12, Y11+Y12+X21, Y11+Y12+Y21, Y11+Y12+Y21+Z21, Y21, Y21+Z21
23-Apr-2018, Monday F1, F1+TF1
24-Apr-2018, Tuesday F2, F2+TF2
25-Apr-2018, Wednesday G1, G1+TG1
26-Apr-2018, Thursday G2, G2+TG2

Final Assessment Test (FAT) Schedule for Winter 2017-18 Semester - VIT Chennai

VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial

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