The VIT First Day in a Nutshell

Aditya Kaushik

Aditya Kaushik - July 07, 2018

Mixed feelings, new faces, eyes looking with wonder and nervousness, everything seeming new and challenging without your parents. This will be a part of the stream of thoughts which will go through your mind once you come. Ever wondered what you are supposed to do once you come here? Here is a quick sneak peek into the list of things you are going to do/should do once you cross the gates of VIT :

  1. Once you get the pass to enter the university, you will go to the respective block assigned to you(M, N or P block for boys and F block for girls).
  2. Have a word with your respective Block supervisor and carry all the required documents like your Admission letter and Hostel Allotment letter.

TIP: Be ready to keep those extra drinks since the process to get into the hostel can be lengthy.

  1. You will be asked to submit a lock with 4 extra keys to the block supervisor if you are the first one among your roommates to come to the hostel. If not, then you will get a key which you can directly use to unlock your new room for a year!
  2. You can keep your luggage as light as possible since all the necessary things that you are supposed to have, like a mattress, bucket or even a dustbin, can be found outside the block or from the ALL MART which is just outside VIT.
  3. A foody thinks about food everywhere he/she goes. Remember to have a copy of the Mess allotment letter, so that you don’t miss any meal. It is advised to do this procedure before you go for the orientation.

TIP: Don’t expect too much from the mess as you will soon get to know the value of ghar ka khaana 😛

  1. Attend the orientation. For timings and venue, check the VIT website. Post the program, you are supposed to go to your proctor, details of which will be present in your student login. The password and ID for your student login will be present in the VIT website login of your application ID.
  2. Proctors will provide you with a warm welcome and have a one on one doubt clearance for all the new students. He/she will also give you the details of the curriculum.
  3. Now comes the hard part to say goodbyes to your parents one last time before the university starts. It can be harder to say the bye of nervousness and reluctance and some of you might even have a few tears. Take blessings from your parents and hug your siblings real hard!! But don’t worry people, soon VIT people will become the family away from your home. TIP: You can also book a guest house for your parents at the VIT site.
  4. Have multiple copies of all the necessary documents so that you are well equipped beforehand to avoid that long queue where everyone will be standing to get the documents printed.
  5. Get a local number for yourself. There are people outside the blocks in the daytime so you can buy SIM cards. Airtel, Vodafone and Jio work best. However, Jio can be problematic in some areas.
  6. You can also buy credits for washing your clothes. Or else, you can dare to become the Hitman yourself and try washing the clothes xD.
  7. It is highly advisable to get yourself an Indian Bank account.The bank branch is just outside VIT so it is very efficient in cases of some emergencies where you need to show up.

Thinking that a new life will be awaiting you guys, might make you feel weak and at the same time, it can make you feel that you are not that bird yet which is ready to spread its wings and take the first flight. But don’t worry, you won’t be the only ones to feel all this. Every student joining VIT (or any other college for that matter) feels that he/she can’t do it. Time and time again, you will redefine the definition of challenges. You will meet new people, learn about living life independently and get to know the value of that one last Laddoo given by your mom whenever you come back. Don’t worry, just keep calm and focus from day 1 and the journey will be easy. Best of Luck to all the people who are coming this year! We wish you all excel!

Aditya Kaushik

Aditya Kaushik

I want to be a good person most importantly, and be known and remembered for the good.



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