First step of Entrepreneurship

After the strong idea and decision, that means if we are strong enough to prove that our idea is always correct and we are going in a right track, they get clarity regarding us then they start supporting us , but for that you need to be very brave and confident, but if someone finds something wrong in your idea then don’t lose hope in that but try to troubleshoot the error and again proceed in the same path .
Here there is a chance many people get attracted to you and ask for partnership or offers a large price for you because they have your need there. If you are diverted to this position, you can never become an entrepreneur. So the rejection of offers which divert you is a better option.
Coming to the partnership, you have come across many situations where company destroyed due to chaos between partners.
Dealing with money, chaos is soo common even if your relative or a best friend becomes a partner.
Always try not to maintain a partnership with anyone.

Do you have a doubt, how to start a business without any investment (i.e Rs 0/- investment) ???
For investment, we need Partnership ???

It’s not at all Required because if your idea was really good, it is only the big investment for your Startup.
Use your brain for the ideas and start with zero rupees and earn your profits in an innovative way. It is possible and you can do it, if you can do it then you are the real Entrepreneur.
Try in all different ways for your new and creative idea which can be implemented, innovative, which meets customer needs and should be different and trendy.

Author: Sree Harsha Vadlamudi

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