Your First Room Counselling? Let’s Make The Experience Easy!

Reba G Jesudoss

Reba G Jesudoss - March 11, 2020

From contemplating if we can stick to the same roommates to fetching people to fill our rooms, we’ve never been more worried about our CGPA! 

Memes, blogs, group meetings, circulars and what not! What is this hype all about? Read on to find out.

Well, what is this room counselling in the first place?

To all the Freshers out there, room counselling is similar to the course counselling we had last May, except, here you can choose your room and roommates, at what cost? Your CGPA.

Okay, you say CGPA. How much is a good score?

To get started, an NCGPA list is prepared.

Here in this blog, by Group I mean G1, G2 or G3.

Preference will be given to the highest NCGPA in each Group.

As NCGPA is an overall common rank list, your rank will go high if the number of students in your Group is less. Therefore, we can’t say which is the best score. 

 To be on the safer side, a CGPA greater than 8 is necessary.

Now, I’m done calculating my NCGPA. What’s next?

I guess it’s high time we talk about the procedure.

When is the counselling?

March 13 and 14.


Men’s hostel – Anna Audi and CS Hall

Ladies’ hostel - Channa Reddy


Each group and rank has a different slot. It can go from anywhere between 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM.

Check your VTOP. Keep a reminder.

What’s the procedure?

The first NCGPA rank holder (the topper) from each group will be called. He/She is supposed to carry their ID card along with the preferred roommates’ ID cards. It is mandatory as they will be scanned.

Now, the topper will be given a token number and moved to CS Hall (if Men’s hostel) or the other side of Channa Reddy (if Ladies’ hostel).

The topper will now be asked to choose his block, preferred room type and roommates. After approval, all the other roommates’ ID cards will be scanned and an SMS sent.

If a person has an insufficient number of roommates, he cannot leave the counselling without choosing a roommate.

Just like our course counselling, a digital display of the beds available in each block and type of rooms will be displayed.

Points to be remembered:

  1. You can choose roommates only from your group. A G1 and G2 cannot be in the same room.
  2. First come, first-serve based on NCGPA.
  3. This is NOT the procedure for NRIs.
  4. Choosing of mess is done later.
  5. The ID card is mandatory.
  6. If you’re sure your topper is going to choose you, your presence is not compulsory.

Now that you know the procedure.

Ask your queries on

Gear up for a draining experience and next time, get your CGPA on point!

Reba G Jesudoss

Reba G Jesudoss

A strange concoction of insomnia, laziness and overthinking which also dives into writing. You're into memes and food? Yes! They're my thing too.



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