How to insert timetable in VITspot App

Mounish Sai

Mounish Sai - September 04, 2019

Offline timetables now in VITspot App.

Insert Timetable into VITspot App

Tutorial for Adding Timetable into VITspot App: (est. 2 min.)

  1. Open your laptop/desktop. (Don't use mobile | Use Chrome Desktop Browser)
  2. Go to your VTOP timetable section.
  3. Copy the entire timetable.
  4. Now, go to
  5. Paste that in the big text box.
  6. Enter your name and registration number.
  7. Click Extract to make sure everything is fine.
  8. Click Generate.
  9. You'll be directed to a page, keep the page open.
  10. Now open VITspot App in your mobile.
  11. Go to the Timetable Tab.
  12. Tap on scan icon on the top right corner.
  13. Now scan the QR Code generated in step 9.

Now you can view your timetable completely offline in VITspot App.

Mounish Sai

Mounish Sai

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