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VITspot Editorial - March 02, 2018

The VIT A Block (VIT Albert Einstein Block) is situated in the west end of the VIT Men’s Hostels right in the midst of greenery. The VIT A Block has about 25% of its beds in AC rooms. Albert Einstein Block VIT has a beautiful garden right in front where many a student hang out. A Block VIT is a refreshing and nice option to choose.

VIT Mens Hostel VIT A Block


  • A Block VIT offers both AC as well as non-AC rooms.
  • The hostel has 4 floors in total, thus it won’t be a hassle to get up and down in case a lift stops functioning.
  • It has 2 badminton courts, to keep you fit.
  • Extremely good ventilation which is vital for a place like Vellore.
  • The hostel has a decent night canteen and also a few common TVs for entertainment.
  • The washrooms are kept neat.
  • The unique feature of this block is that each room has a separate study room which makes it stand out from the other blocks.
  • It’s close to GDN, CDMM, MB thus making it ideal for Civil and Mechanical students.


  • The hostel doesn’t have its own mess thus compelling its residents to walk to the different messes which are all a bit far.
  • The number of non-AC rooms far outnumber the AC rooms.
  • The block doesn’t feature an inhouse store thus forcing students to walk to Enzo to purchase anything.
  • The number of washrooms are few as compared to what’s required.

1 Bedded Room - VIT A Block

No Single Bed Room in VIT A Block

2 Bedded Room - VIT A Block

Coming Soon

3 Bedded Room - VIT A Block

No 3 Bed Room in VIT A Block

4 Bedded Room - VIT A Block

VIT Hostel A Block 4 Bedded Room

6 Bedded Room - VIT A Block

VIT Hostel A Block 6 Bedded Room

VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial

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