VIT D Block: Nelson Mandela Block VIT Men's Hostel

VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial - March 14, 2018

The VIT D Block (VIT Nelson Mandela Block) vis a great block to choose, it is right in front of Enzo and is centrally to all the facilities in VIT. VIT D Block is one of the best choices for a single bedded room. The D Block VIT is a favourite for many branch toppers. Although the hostel has just 3 floors, it has a lift in it. The VIT D Block comprises of 1 bedded, 3 bedded as well as 4 bedded rooms both AC as well as non-AC.

VIT D Block VIT Mens Hostel


  • The rooms are much bigger than the usual hostel rooms.
  • The cupboards are larger in size, ideal for those who like to have a huge array of clothes.
  • The hostel features a badminton court.
  • Warden is a really nice guy. He reads a lot and is fluent in English.
  • The hostel has a mess attached to it, The SRR mess.
  • The staff provide single beds, instead of bunkers on request.
  • The Plug points work even when the electricity is out.


  • The VIT D Annex Block doesn’t have a lift.
  • The rooms right above the kitchen tend to get warm at times.
  • The downside to having a mess – the rooms next to it, receive smoke while the cooks are cooking

1 Bedded Room - VIT D Block

D Block VIT Hostel 1 Bed

2 Bedded Room - VIT D Block


3 Bedded Room - VIT D-Annex Block

VIT D Block

4 Bedded Room - VIT D Block


6 Bedded Room - VIT D Block


VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial

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