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VITspot Editorial - March 15, 2018

The VIT K Block (Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Block) is one of the newer blocks in VIT. K Block VIT being close to TT and SJT is preferred by the CSE and IT students. The block is close to the paid messes- “Foodcy” and “Food Mall”. The rooms are larger in space as compared to the other blocks. K Block VIT is a very big block having most of the rooms 6 Bedded.

VIT K Block VIT Mens Hostel


  • The block has its own badminton court.
  • The block has Foodcy.
  • The ventilation in the block is phenomenal.
  • There is a small general store on the ground floor where you can get most items.
  • There are many lifts in this block and all of them are fast, thus ensuring students get up and down as fast as possible.
  • Washrooms are well kept.


  • The block gets crowded due to most of the rooms being 6 bedded.
  • The block faces a lot of disturbance from trains and cars which pass by the hostel.
  • The block has Zenith mess which is the worst mess ever. People should travel to L Block if you are unable to adjust in Zenith.

1 Bedded Room - VIT K Block


2 Bedded Room - VIT K Block


3 Bedded Room - VIT K Block


4 Bedded Room - VIT K Block


6 Bedded Room - VIT K Block

K Block 6 Bed Room VIT

VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial

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