The 10 Best Places Around VIT To Hangout With Your Girlfriend

Harini Ramachandran

Harini Ramachandran - February 13, 2018

Places to Visit near VIT: We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls -Anais Nin. Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Wasn't it rightly quoted that 'everyplace has its own beauty'? So does this place! The top 10 travel destinations in and around VIT might impress and electrify you, making you want more of this place (^~^). In this Article, we'll list out the awesome places around VIT quora. Probably this list of places near VIT will be romantic <3

Places to visit around VIT

Disclaimer: The idea trailing the theme is not meant to intentionally hurt any of the singles. In any case, it hurts your emotions, we sincerely apologize dear singles. We hope you don't stay single forever.

If your proctor is irked on regard to the leave approval for the valentine's day and you can't make it up to the frou-frou destinations; but you still wanna invest some good time with your girlfriend, then here's your go-to list.

Places to Visit near VIT Vellore

10. Vellore Fort

Silverwood VIT Vellore

Don't ever belittle this place to be dumb and sacred; it's sacred for couples too. Trust me it has a myriad of secluded spaces and vantages points which are normally deserted. It's a fort from olden days where the Kings and emperors were more in need of those places than we are. (*wink*) Give it a shot!

Place: Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Distance: 9.2 Km Time: 20 Mins Mode of Transport: Local Transport

9. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills Vellore VIT

Blessed with a pleasant weather all time, it is a great getaway for nature lovers, adventure lovers and lovers (*_*) You can make it feel more romantic by going on a late night bike ride uphill. Don't miss the rising sun and the first-morning kiss of the sun rays on your cheeks. It's the most majestic thing you would've ever seen in your life. This place is an emotion which could be felt better rather than explained in words.

Place: Bangalore, Karnataka Distance: 220Km Time: 4 Hours 40 Mins Mode of Transport: Train/Public Transport/Cabs

8. Silverwood Resorts

Silverwood VIT Vellore Planted amid the greeneries, in the heaven of God's own land, Wayanad in Kerala, it's the most tranquil resort. The clime is unflappable consistently. The resort daubs the gateway of the tuning natural beauty that diffuses into the backyard of the ever gorgeous Banasura dam is accredited to be the best getaway for couples. Experience the bird's eye view of the deep valley at Lakkidi View Point. Poolodu Lake is a freshwater lake at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level. Lakkidi Chain Tree is famous for its ghost story. The tree is hampered by an iron chain. That's gonna break the universal stereotypical trips of couples and bond your love stronger.

Place: Wayanad, Kerala Distance: 513Km Time: 9hours Mode of Transport: Train/Public Transport/Cabs

7. Coorg

Coorg Kodagu VIT

No wonder this place is the Scotland of India; it is brimming with nature and engrossed in its ravishing beauty. Alive with the 9 ever lively, cascading and silvery waterfalls. The misty hills, lavish teakwoods and the lush sandalwood forests add up to its old-world charm. The poised and pastoral environment is tranquilising and an exquisite getaway for couples.

Place: Kodagu, Karnataka Distance: 444 Kms Time: 8 hours Mode of Transport: Train/Public Transport/Cabs

6. Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri Hills VIT Vellore A reasonably modest spot for couples. Spend a couple of hours for travel and yo! It's worth it. No one would wanna miss the soul-soothing ambience around the punganoor lake. This place can cook your day pretty more romantic than you had fancied. Beware to not let the corny breeze kiss your girlfriend or you will get dumped; breeze be the best kisser! And don't you dare to fall for the beauty of the nature here and cheat on her! You can prefer it over other places if your budget is flat; yet, you have a great expectation. This prodigious for an early morning walk and an evening stroll.

Place: Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu Distance: 99 Kms Time: 2 Hours Mode of Transport: Local Transport/Cabs

5. Munnar

Munnar VIT Vellore

A chilled shades of green adorns the cloud-clingy hill slopes. It's is one of the most rustic tourist destinations, to say the least. Munnar enjoys a salubrious climate. It has cold winters and pleasant summers. It also enjoys a vivacious monsoon when the springs and rivulets flow with lively gusto and the dew-drenched tea gardens are a treat for the eyes.

Another popular spot is the Top Station, located a few Kms from Munnar at 6 grand feet above sea level, on the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border, this point offers a panoramic view of the majestic Western Ghats and gives the tourists a real feeling of being atop the clouds!

Place: Munnar, Kerala Distance: 500 Kms Time: 9 hours Mode of Transport: Train/Public Transport/Cabs

4. Golden temple

Golden Temple Vellore VIT

Stop wondering! You read it right; 'temple' only. Temples are the best place for all holy customs. Hey, wait! I meant worshipping; worshipping love. (*smirks*) Fun apart, if you're really into believing God, then you can embrace it. In addition to it, the temple stretches across a vast area implying you get sufficing personal space.

Place: Vellore, Tamil Nadu Distance: 21 Kms Time: 40 Mins Mode of Transport: Local Transport/Cabs

3. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills Madanapalle VIT Vellore

If your prime for the day-out with your girlfriend is just having a profound conversation in a poised environment blended with a frosty breeze, then this place is exclusively for you. Don't miss the sight of dawn and the disappearance of sun beneath the horizon from the viewpoint. Mark my words, you'll feel quenched more than ever. Also the natural expanse around the Gangotri lake, over there, serves as a soul-soothing balm to the severe imbalance in life and relationships.

Place: Madanapalle, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh Distance: 150 Kms Time: 4 Hours Mode of Transport: Public Transport/cabs

2. Cup and Saucer Waterfalls

Cup and Saucer Waterfalls VIT Vellore

The cup and saucer waterfalls can vow a perfect day for the cup and saucer couples (never separable :P). They say this place is the photographer's delight, trekker's love and couple's heaven. Also known as the Jamadhi hills, it remains shrouded and amusing throughout the year and the atmosphere here can get the couples recklessly closer. The present weather communicates how good the hills are gonna brew the vibes. The cool breeze would compute up to the fairy tale feel already in the air. The serene scenery would absolutely make your day. And yea, it's enticing.

Place: Vellore, Tamil Nadu Distance: 15.6 Kms Time: 30 Mins Mode of Transport: Local Transport/Cabs

1. Bans Resort

BANS Hotel Resort Chittoor Vellore VIT

Bans Resort is the only resort close to VIT. Snuggled amid the undulating landscape, this place could be a better choice for cuddling. This sprawling property with a state-of-the-art infrastructure takes hospitality to a new high. The adventure enthusiasts will revel in the filled activities at the water park. Glitch-free social and formal events at the well-equipped boardrooms and banquet halls along with the artistic decor of the rooms make this hotel a chosen haven. The best part of the resort is the lawns which are well-endowed on either sides by emerald green plants and bushes.

Place: Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh Distance: 38 Kms Time: 55 Mins Mode of Transport: Public Transport/Cabs

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