A Simple Hack To Know Your Inlab Question

Febrary 2018

Has the thought ever came to your mind as to how to know the latest Inlab question in Skillrack which came was given by your teacher, be it for any reason – be it the fact that you are a geek or you want to help a friend revise?
Don’t worry, here we make sure you get all the potential hacks that will make it easier in this bumpy ride of VIT life.

See Inlab Question before it goes live.

  1. So first, you need to login to your Skillrack account.
  2. Then you have to go to Reports section in the Navigation Menu.
  3. Now click Code Test Reports.
  4. BUMP! Now you can see the latest Inlab question set by your faculty.

Simple ain’t it? Go check it out now!

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