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VITspot Editorial - June 01, 2018

- Aayush Jain

VIT Hostel Checklist

Before we start with the checklist, I hope you have joined the Facebook Group of your respective branches and campuses! Here goes the Checklist of all things which you should have in your first week of college. This includes a list of things which are available online, in stores near VIT, or you can bring them from home. NOTE - To buy anything online, get them delivered at college to save space while carrying important things from home - In the address, you can put the room no. allotted and Men's/Ladies Hostel, VIT University, City, State. (For Vellore, Pincode is - 632014)

1. Laptop and Smartphone

Buying a laptop is a must for all VITians - sooner or later, it is something you have to purchase and it is worth it. Times have changed and you all already own a smartphone! On the Facebook group, we have many discussion posts of what Laptop to buy and what can be suitable for you and what budget laptops are available for sale. Likewise, for Smartphone users, who are opting for a new phone for a new beginning to college life, can also refer to online resources.

Summarizing - Buy a laptop/ buy a smartphone - Buy it online or get it from your hometown! It's a must!

2. Clothes

The very basic necessity but yet, you have to be choosy in keeping the set of clothes you are bringing to VIT. There are three seasons in Vellore - Hot, Hotter, Hottest! So be prepared to bring the clothes accordingly! You need not keep a single winter wear and it is absolutely fine as long as you are in Vellore. But you may need winter wear in case you are traveling to hill stations in South India. You can keep beach wear also since VIT is very close to Pondicherry!

For college, here goes a list of basic stuff-

  • Minimum 4 shirts (for boys)
  • Minimum 4 Tees to wear at Hostel
  • Minimum 3 Tees to wear in Classes
  • Pyjamas
  • Kurtis (for girls)
  • 2 Bath Towels
  • 2 Bedsheets
  • 2 Pillow Covers
  • 1 Mattress Cover
  • 3 pair of Socks
  • Nightwear - Boys / Girls
  • Blanket
  • Formal Wear (Suit/Tie for Boys, Dress/Saari for Girls) - NOT NECESSARY to bring in the first semester.
  • Rains are occasional in VIT, so you can opt for bringing an umbrella instead of a raincoat.

Summarizing - Buy them from your hometown, or online. There are brand showrooms in Vellore around 10kms from VIT near officer's lane in case you are a brand freak! But still, suggesting to buy online or get basics from home.

3. Must carry from Home

This is a list which will constitute documents and stuff which you will find costly in allmart, so better to keep it from home. Also, subject to availability is less when purchased from college stores, and you cannot compromise on each of them!

  • All the Documents asked by VIT - Do not deliberately leave any document which is mentioned on the website. In case you do not have it, the college will give you time to submit the documents later.
  • Original Mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard - 12th will be submitted with the college while 10th mark sheet will be needed many times as a proof to DOB, scan it, keep a softcopy and a hardcopy both with you while coming to college.
  • Original Aadhar Card (ID Proof) - From opening a bank account to get a new sim to many more important work, Adhar is your proof. Keep it safe and bring original.
  • 8-10 Passport size photos - You never know how many documents you still have to fill. Keep photographs in handy, they are needed!
  • Headphones/Earphones - You cannot miss this. Buy it online or bring it from home. Costly in VIT.
  • USB Storage device - Pendrive / Harddrive - You will not get them in Allmart but they are an important part of college. Buy online, or buy it from hometown.
  • Laptop Backpacks - To carry your books and laptop to classes and back, this is a must! Also, helps in much more ways. Make sure you bring a strong built waterproof backpack.
  • Calculator - Highly recommended only one among CASIO FX 991 MS/ ES/ ES+ - Without a calculator, it's not easy to pass! Avoid arrears in the first semester, buy it online, or bring it from home!
  • Painkillers - You never know when you need it. Keep it for being on the safe side.
  • Basic First Aid Kit - Medication is not just helpful to you but also to people around you.
  • Paracetamol - Easily available in Vellore. Keep it handful!
  • A Diary - Taking down class notes to taking down personal experiences, start writing and start living! Diary you can bring from home or buy online.

4. Hostel Survival Equipment

  • Water Bottle - Must keep this! Bring it from home.
  • Alarm Clock - Optional (If you can wake up with phone alarm). Buy it online or bring it from your home.
  • Table Lamp - Although VIT has study lamps, this is one thing you can choose on basis of your comfort. Buy it online or bring it from your home.
  • Travel Bag - Must keep a big travel bag to move your stuff and a small one to use in the trips to nearby places!
  • Pillow - a basic necessity! Buy it from Vellore or buy it Online, but do not bring it from Home.
  • Mattress - a basic necessity! Buy it from Vellore, or buy it online!
  • Utensils - Spoon, Glass, Plates, and Fork - Must bring this from home so you can eat food brought from outside in peace.
  • Newspaper - Must keep since you will be needing it to set your almirah. Also for rough cleaning purpose!
  • Scissors - Tape - Helps in packing-unpacking stuff and open plastic packets without using teeth.
  • Clothes hanger - a basic necessity to keep your clothes properly! Do bring it from your home or buy it online!
  • A4 Document Holder - a basic necessity to keep your documents safe! Buy it online.
  • Hair Comb - You definitely cannot miss this one!
  • Deodorant - Engineers are known to take bath on alternate days. If you are such a case, bring it or buy it online.
  • Trimming / Shaving Kit - a basic necessity to keep your face neat and clean! Personality matters, after all. Buy it online.
  • Flipflops/Slippers - You cannot visit restrooms, mess in your shoes, you need to bring this one! And do not depend on buying this in Vellore. Buy it online or bring from home.
  • Thermos - To bring milk or coffee from the mess and store it to survive the entire night! This is helpful since it will give you the privilege to drink milk and coffee even after mess hours!
  • Watch - Helps in exams, keeps your personality alive. Also, helps to know how much time is left for the lecture to end!
  • Dustbin - Buy it from Allmart - Keep your room clean.
  • Bucket - Buy it from Vellore. One time investment which will remain next four years!
  • Wallet - Money management is important since your parents have already shelled out a lot of money on you! Bring a new wallet to begin afresh! Buy it online (recommended) or from your hometown.
  • Keyring - You cannot loose keys to embarrass yourself or to break locks and doors which can cost you more than a keyring would. Bring it from home!
  • Personal Lock - To avoid keys, depend on password lock. Normal locks can be bought from Allmart. Nailcutter
  • Pen/ Pencil/ Highlighter/ Ruler/ Eraser/ Sharpener - Bring them from home! The first day of college is always special.
  • Extension Board - Hostel life will make you share a lot of things, one of them is socket boards! There are limited sockets in each room, so keep an extension to avoid waiting for your turn. Buy it online.

5. Sports Gear

Only if you are into sports, you should and must bring the sports equipment from home or buy them online. This is not so necessary stuff! You can always buy them later!

  • Cricket Bat - Mad about cricket? Bring your own bat to play like a champ. If carrying it is a problem, buy it online.
  • Basketball
  • Lawn Tennis Racquet
  • Badminton Racquet
  • Table Tennis Racquet
  • Squash Racquet
  • Yoga Mat
  • Gym Equipments
  • Chess Board

Hope this checklist helps in some ways! Have a happy journey to college, and do not forget to keep lots of stuff to eat for the beginning as you will be missing home food a lot! Meet your friends, greet your relatives, take blessings from your parents and grandparents for a new life is waiting for you!

- Aayush Jain

VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial

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