The VIT WIFI Limit: Extended Or Not?

Harini Ramachandran

Harini Ramachandran - February 01, 2018

A breath taking news in our breath is blending up with the buzz of Riviera ! This outright enthusiasm is highly contagious; don't fall sick.

If this doesn't make your day, I don't know what would.

There are hoaxes in the air that a few of our students have been getting unlimited WiFi for the past two months now. Since when did our VOLSBB turn out to be so cordial with the students. We didn't know that !

The students have lately been reporting the issues faced by them due to the VIT-WiFi. The report states that WiFi goes dead after 00:30hrs and comes alive only at 4:30am, leading to a hell of inconvenience to the students who kick start their day at that time only. Movies downloading, watching the La Liga football matches which often are played at that extent only and video chatting with their girl or boyfriends that is only possible at those hours are all the heart breaking problems. It's been so troublesome. Like seriously troublesome !

Now, most of those problems might come to a dead end. I told you, our college WiFi is becoming affable to the students.

VIT has announced to offer 20GB a month for every student !

Update: Now, It's Unlimited Internet

There are a couple of gossips that some our pupil have received more than 20GB of WiFi access; a few even got unlimited WiFi the past few days.

Source:  CTS, Ground floor, TT.

Let's have our fingers crossed and await further message regarding this issue.

Hoping it to be the truth and the needs of our students are met !

Harini Ramachandran

Harini Ramachandran


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