VIT Timetable to Google Calendar

You can either directly add the timetable to your Google Calendar(recommended) or Download a corresponding ICS file to input into any calendar service.

Instructions for Copying Raw text properly.

  1. Open VTOP timetable page (On Chrome or Safari)
  2. Copy the Faculty info table (the first table) from top to bottom and paste it here. Then, click on either of the 2 options.

Instructions to import the ICS file into Google Calendar

  1. After you click on Add to Calendar, you will be redirected to Google Calendar as well as a .ics file will be downloaded in your computer.
  2. You need to import this file to Google Calendar or any other calendar service you want.
  3. How to import .ics files into your Google Calendar.
  4. We recommend you create a separate calendar other than your primary calendar before importing the file.

If you use the direct method, in about 5 seconds, go to the Make sure you are logged into the correct Google Account. Then you should see your calendar appear in the calendar list on the bottom left. You can modify settings such as notification settings to your liking and export or share your calendar.

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