VITEEE Counselling 2020: Procedure, Dates, Documents Required

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VITspot Editorial - February 10, 2018

VITEEE 2019 Counselling: As said the VITEEE Counselling 2019 is done for around two weeks, each one of the days has a rank limit up to which the students can go for the VIT counselling on that day. The day and time at which a student can attend the VITEEE 2019 counselling at any one of the four campuses are emailed at the email-id provided in the application form. The VITEEE counselling fee is Rs. 50,000; it is to be paid via a Demand Draft in the name of VIT University, Vellore. If one wants to opt for the hostel facility one has to another DD of Rs. 20,000 for the hostel. All the details of the fee structure are emailed to the student. There are two groups in the branch selection. These groups have different fee structure but the VIT Counselling procedure is the same and is conducted simultaneously. These groups signify the type of courses offered. It is advised to go for one's favourite course and try not to get diverted from it.

VITEEE 2019 Counselling

The VIT Counselling 2019 procedure:

1. The student or parent has to be at the venue of VITEEE Exam counselling at the date and time mentioned in the VITEEE email you received with the DD of counselling fee of Rs. 50,000, and another DD of Rs. 20,000 if hostel facility is desired. Make sure you take your VITEEE Exam Admit Card.

2. The first session of the VITEEE counselling is the presentation by VIT and its high officials, then you have to give the attendance; it is the proof that you have come for the VITEEE Counselling 2019.

3. Keep an eye on the screen provided where the number of seats of each branch in each of the campuses is displayed, as per the VIT counselling forwards. Then forms are provided in a folder. Take one fill the details and then put the required documents in the order asked by them.

4. Attach the clip provided, take help from the volunteers if required. Then according to the ranks, there will be a call when your turn has come to go to the desk and get your token number in VITEEE 2019 Counselling desk.

5. Now you will be asked to go to a different room, go there and sit down. There will be a row of desks with people confirming the branch and campus to the students. There will be two screens, one of them will be familiar to you as you would have seen it in the previous room showing the number of seats left in each of the branches in different campuses.

6. The other screen will show the token numbers in processing at different desks. It will have the desk number along with the reference number of it. Wait till your reference number is displayed. Once it is there, go to the specified desk. The person there will look at your documents and take your DD. He/she will fill the required details and ask for your wish for branch and campus in Counselling VIT.

7. Once all the details and procedures are complete, he/she will ask you to wait till your reference number reaches the top of the second screen. At that time he/she will confirm your registration.

8. He/she will give a file according to your campus in VITEEE Counselling and tell you about the payment of the remaining fee, and Voila you are now a student at VIT. Just your photo clicked and fingerprint scanned, for ID card and fingerprint. This will be kept intact and once you join, at the time of admission after VITEEE Counselling, you will receive your ID card.

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Pre-admission procedure:

It is not done yet, but calm down this part is easy.

1. Remember the coloured folder the last guy gave you in the VITEEE Counselling 2019, it will have the details of the course fee and hostel fee along with the mess charges. You still have to pay the remaining fee, remember.

2. You can pay the remaining fee, either on the VIT Website or by posting the DD. The amount is the total year fee of your course minus the fifty thousand you already paid. It will be better to pay online as the DD may reach a little late.

3. Now if you had paid the twenty thousand rupees hostel DD at the VITEEE 2019 counselling, you will get a date to pay the remaining fee along with the mess charges. The hostel fee to be paid is the total of hostel charges (which depends on the type of room i.e. number of beds and AC or Non AC) and mess charges minus the twenty thousand rupees you already paid.

4. Once done with VIT Counselling you will get a script of your hostel block and room, print this and keep it safe. Now you will be informed of the documents you have to bring, and you will need to do go to an advocate.

VITspot Editorial

VITspot Editorial

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