Introducing VITspot Timetable (previously Timetable Merger)

Hey! Ever wondered how hard it is to take timetable screenshots of every student of your club, compare them and find free slots? So we have a solution for it.

Introducing VITspot Timetable. Sharing and Merging Timetables Made Easy! Using this tool you can even insert timetable into VITspot App.

VITspot Timetable

Using this tool you can collect timetables, merge them and find free slots hassle-free.

Tutorial for Adding a Timetable: (For Club Members)

  1. Open your laptop/desktop. (Don’t use mobile | Use Chrome Desktop Browser)
  2. Copy the entire timetable.
  3. Now, go to Add New Timetable – VITspot Timetable.
  4. Paste that in the big text box.
  5. Enter your name and registration number.
  6. Click Extract to make sure everything is fine.
  7. Click Generate and copy that ID.
  8. Now you can share your Timetable ID with your club heads.

Note: Timetable ID generated from legacy Timetable Merger is incompatible with the new VITspot Timetable.

Tutorial for Merging Timetables: (For Club Heads)

  1. Go to Add New Merge Timetable – VITspot Timetable
  2. Paste all the Timetable IDs you collected each in one line.

Timetable Merge VITspot

  1. Type in your Club name or Team name.
  2. Click Merge.

Now you’ll see the merged timetable.

Merged Timetable

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