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Aditya Kaushik

Aditya Kaushik - March 14, 2018

Are you sick and tired of the fact that you have to run to the CTS office every six months to download the essential applications for the semester? Are you really shocked to learn that those applications almost take up most of your disk space and you have to sacrifice that song by Drake just to get your assignments completed? Are frustrated that the access of Z-drive in Hostel is read-only? Wanna open Z-drive in home VIT? Want to use Google and other websites in VIT Labs which are restricted? Well, you don’t need to sacrifice any more. Presenting you all with VIT Virtual Labs – The best way to get your assignments done easily without having the tension of getting those bulky applications downloaded. But, how do you use Virtual Labs in VIT? What is the link for the same? So here is the step by step procedure to get access to all the facilities of VIT Virtual Labs, and that too, for free. Use Google in Labs VIT using Virtual Labs.

Virtual Labs in VIT

How to Use Virtual Labs VIT:

1. Go to from anywhere in the world. Even non VIT Wifi works fine. You will get the following screen.

VIT Virtual Labs

2. Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access. Then log into the Virtual Labs by using your Registration Number as your username and your Z-Drive password as your password.

VIT Virtual Labs VMware Horizon Login

3. Then click on the small icon of the monitor which comes up on your browser.

4. And you are DONE! It will take a minute to get the initial setup for the desktop done as shown in the picture below, but once done, it will be ready to serve all the necessary applications needed. If your needed application is not on the desktop, try searching it by clicking on the windows button.

So once you log in, it will be like a desktop inside a desktop where you can access chrome inside your chrome browser.

Open Google in VIT Labs

Now if you ask me, how to save your work or create a backup of the files, the answer is straight as a ruler. You can either put the work on the Z-drive which is linked to your PC or you can even use sites like schoology to save your work. You can even access Z-drive in Home. You can cheat in Skillrack Inlabs and Assessments by attending exam in virtual labs from your laptop but still, the IP Address shows VIT Lab's IP Address. What's more, you can even use google and other sites which don’t work in the labs.

Well, now I am signing off since I have to free up my PC from some applications which I don’t longer need 😛.

Aditya Kaushik

Aditya Kaushik

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