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Cheapest: Top Hotels near VIT Vellore

If you’re looking for the best places for your stay in Vellore, then you are at the right place. Here is a list of the top best hotels around VIT that’ll help make your stay at Vellore a comfortable one. It contains budget hotels near vit vellore.   Hotel Benzz Park Benzz Park Vellore is a […]


How To Enable Copy Paste in Skillrack

You always love to code in your own compiler to solver Skillrack coding problems and other problems. But you always worried about Skillrack website as it doesn’t allow to copy paste code in Skillrack. We have all tried to enable this through various methods like adding additional extensions (Skillrack copy extensions like Skillcopy extension), but […]


VIT: Order Pizza Online even Bill Amount is Less Than Rs. 300

Want to Order Pizza? But, Bill worth is less than 300 Rs.? Then you can group buy Pizza and split the bill. Join the WhatsApp group of your Block. A Block VIT: B Block VIT: C Block VIT: D Block VIT: E Block VIT: F Block VIT: G Block […]


E Summit VIT by ECell VIT

E Summit VIT: Here’s an evening dedicated to the budding Poets and Storytellers in the house. Come to E Summit VIT regardless of Language, regardless of Age or what Stream you pursue and witness the magic of words. Presenting to you Unheard by Innervoice by Witty feed on the 30th of March at 5 pm. […]


How To Use VIT Virtual Labs

Are you sick and tired of the fact that you have to run to the CTS office every six months to download the essential applications for the semester? Are you really shocked to learn that those applications almost take up most of your disk space and you have to sacrifice that song by Drake just […]


Introducing “VITspot Classifieds”

  Hey, VITians. VITspot is here with another great announcement. We take great pride in launching VITspot Classifieds for VITians. Offering local unpaid classified Ads in VIT Vellore, “VITSpot Classifieds” is the virgin genesis of free on stream classifieds. Our prime objective is to serve the students of VIT by spinning a web between the […]